I got to know about IAESTE from a friend in 2021. I had started a MPhil. Ecology program at
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I wasn’t really enthused about it at first so I didn’t pay attention to it. However, I had to think about a place to do my attention over the long vacation and I revisited the conversation with my friend. I went to the IAESTE office on campus and I was guided by the IAESTE team to go through the application successfully. I got an opportunity to do my internship in Germany.

The IAESTE committee in Freising got me an apartment at the students’ dormitory block which was 25 minutes-walk from the university I worked in; Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. I spent 12 weeks as an intern working on a climate change mitigation project.
I worked with a vibrant research group headed by Professor Matthias Drosler. My duties included measurements of greenhouse gases, sampling plots for measurements, building
chambers and other tools needed for field work and many other interesting stuff.

We had five different sites where the measurements were taken. All the sites were peatlands because the research focused on the role of peatlands in greenhouse gases sequestration. The
measurements were taken early in the morning and we often went to the field as early as 5:00am for Carbon dioxide gas measurements. Those times were not my favorite times though, having to
step out so early in the cold but I really enjoyed each time with the team. They were very intelligent and willing to help me when I missed a step in performing my duties.

IAESTE Freising organized a fun trip to Prague, Czech Republic. This was a collaboration with
IAESTE Munich so we had interns from Munich join us. We spent time together travelling and
visiting tourist sites in Prague such as Old town square, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter etc. It was a three-day trip and I enjoyed my time there.